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About Sangeeta Walia

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About Sangeeta Walia

Sangeeta Walia – Your medium to cosmic healing

A calling by the universe is something that cannot be ignored. So is it with Sangeeta Walia. She found herself at the precipice of her cosmic calling at a very young age. And she set out to gather the knowledge to enhance these powers which were being granted to her by the higher powers.

Knowledge of the ancient texts

Backed by the knowledge of many Gurus and teachers, she has managed to get in touch with her inner healer. Today she uses the knowledge of various fields such as Tarot, Crystals, Vastu Shastra, Angel therapy, Spiritual healing, Reiki, Astrology and numerology to help others in needs.

Using her power to heal others

Whatever be your problem, Sangeeta Walia will help you find the root cause of the problem and help you resolve it. She is sure to help you find your cosmic fulfilment to a happy life.

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