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Chakra and crystal healing course

Chakra and crystal healing course

Ancient healing sciences - Chakra and crystal healing course

The chakras and their importance to your physical and mental well-being has been stated in the ancient texts. A blocked chakra can cause imbalance in physical system and turn your world upside down. To maintain your well-being, all chakras blockage needs to be opened and cleansed.

Unblocking the chakras

At the Star Power, we will teach you the fundamentals of cleansing and healing the chakras. We will also teach you about crystals, and how they can be used individually for healing and in conjunction to the chakras.

Using crystal power to spread healing

Our Chakra and crystal healing course will give you in-depth knowledge of these ancient sciences so that you will be able to heal others, using them individually or together. Because after all knowledge is power and should be used for the befit of others.

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