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Crystals which revitalize your life - Cluster

Crystals which have grown together are called a cluster. These can vary in size as all the crystals grown at different times. These clusters, depending on the type of crystal, are used for different healing and meditation purposes.

Cluster consultants to show the way

But the basic nature of these clusters is to absorb the negative energies and spread positive energy. The cluster experts at Star power believe that these helps open the mind to reach the spirit world. They have a soft energy which calms the mind and gently soothes the soul.

Radiating positive life energy

These clusters help the person stay grounded and balance. The gentle energy acts as a healing agent for all problems of the mind. Placed in the bedroom or in the mediation centre, these clusters of crystals help you cleanse yourself of all worldly ailments at the end of a stress filled day.

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