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Knowledge for the information seekers

Imparting knowledge is a privilege that is seldom granted to many people. It is easy to gather and acquire knowledge, but teaching someone else the same is a difficult. And especially if it is in the realm of occult sciences, it becomes all the more tedious.

Occult sciences experts teach the field

Why? Because for a practitioner of occult sciences it is important to be in touch with the inner self, be attuned to a higher degree of consciousness. This is an art to which the person has to have a spiritual connect to use the acquired knowledge.

Absorbing the sciences

If the person has found the calling to this field, then is easy to acquire the information and knowledge to excel in it. For such people we offer courses specializing in their area of calling. Our courses are sure to make an expert of you.

Tarot Card Reading Course

If any deck of cards could predict the future, it is the Tarot Cards. To read the seventy-eight cards accurately and to predicts how the events of the future will unfold is both and art and a science. Each card in the deck has a different meaning in a different situation.


Angel Therapy Course

Connecting with your guardian angels is like connecting with your family. These angels have been with you from the time of your birth, guiding you, protecting you and keeping you away from harm. But before you can help someone get in touch with their angels, you need to learn to get in touch with yours.


Chakra and Crystal Healing Course

The chakras and their importance to your physical and mental well-being has been stated in the ancient texts. A blocked chakra can cause imbalance in physical system and turn your world upside down. To maintain your well-being, all chakras blockage needs to be opened and cleansed.


Numerology Course

The powers of numbers is not lost on any person. Through the ages, in many cultures, you have seen the importance of some number and have seen some numbers being shunned. People have changed their names and even addresses in the pursuance of the perfect number. Why?


Palm Reading Course

Palm reading course provided by our experts at star power the healers is the best one that explains all the details that one wants to know before starting palm reading. Our experts have got the best knowledge that can be shared to the people to have them enabled to do the best in the palm reading. We ensure that the ones who are trained under us get the best knowledge.

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