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Havan kund

Havan kund

A bearer all off positivity - Havan kund

A homa is the central ritual of all beginning according to ancient traditions. A homa is the offering to the gods to being in all that is good and take out all the negative from the surroundings. It is a ceremony where the divine energy is evoked, amidst the chanting of mantras and shlokas.

Vessels conforming to traditions

The Havan kund is the vessel that forms the sanctum sanctorum for the homa. Built out of pure copper according to the traditions of vastu, the havan kund acts as a vessel that radiates positive energies itself.

Bring in the energy

The havan kund experts at Star Power have followed the vastu requirements to the little details to create the perfect vessel for all your homa needs. We have ensured that you derive the best benefits of the use of our pure havan kund.

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