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Meditating on the divine power - Rosary

A rosary or prayer beads for the bases of mediation in many religions. These are a string of beads looped together to form a necklace. All the religions have different prayers assigned to be said while meditation and these beads help keep count of the numbers.

Beads that help meditate

All religions believe that mediation and prayer are a form of communion with the divine power, and rosary beads help maintain the concentration during this process. These beads also worn around the neck or the wrist help keep a sense of calm and peace on the body mind and soul.

Follow the Rosary Consultants advice

We have a range of rosary and prayer beads available with us at Star Power. These beads are made from natural elements and hence have a positive energy force in them. The Rosary experts highly advice wearing the beads close to the body even when not in meditation.

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