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Rudraksha 1 to 14 mukhi

Rudraksha 1 to 14 mukhi

Benefits of the mythical seed - Rudraksha 1 to 14 mukhi

The seed of the rudraksha tree, this seed is used as prayer beads in the Hindu religion. Rurdaksha means Shiva’s teardrop and hence these beads are held in reverence in the religion. There are many faceted seeds found naturally, right from 1 facet called ek mukhi rudraksh to 14 faceted seed. The higher the facets, the more popular the seed.

Benefits stated by Rudraksha consultants

The prayer string has to have at least 108 beads with an additional bead. The rudraksha experts at Star Power state that the effects of wearing the beads are many.

All natural seed remedy

Wearing a rudraksha is said to change the karma of a person by clearing the path of destiny and enlightening it. Wearing the seed is said to highten intuition, relieve stress and spread positivity in life. It is also said to have several health benefits on the long term basis.

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