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Spiritual services

Healing body and soul - Spiritual services

You live in a word which is full of modern day ills. Hectic paces of your daily life leaves you with no time to take care of your spiritual and mental health. This is turn leads to several ailments such as mental and physical stress, body aches and pains etc.

Ancient healing methods…

You need all the help you can to get rid of these ailments. Modern science does not have answers for the ailments born of the physical nature. For this you need to get in touch with your inner self and employ the power of ancient healing methods.

…To counter modern day ills.

These methods have been honed through the ages and are the best methods to counter act all modern-day ills. At Star Power our healers and consultants will guide you through the various methods in their power, so that you will be healed body and soul.

Tarot Card Reading

A tarot is a pack of cards used for divination. It is made up of four suits of fourteen cards each and a Fools card. Each card has a special meaning and this meaning is the answer to questions pertaining to a persons future.


Theta Healing

A relatively unknown for of healing, Theta healing is the process of channelling brain waves to heal the conditions of a human body. There are two participants in this therapy, the client and the practitioner. Both enter a state of altered consciousness through a deep meditative state.



Deep within the heart of ancient Indian texts lie secret of the knowledge to unfold ones destiny. And we at Star Power have amassed the knowledge of these secrets to show you what lies in your future. The power of the ancient art of Astrology has been granted to us through years of study and research.



You have often seen people change their names, on the basis of Numerology, in a bid to attract good luck and change their fortunes. And they have reaped the benefits of this too. But why? Numbers have a powerful way to attract positive energies into your life.


Vaastu Consultant

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian text which has laid the basis of the optimum placement of a building and its various rooms. This art form takes into consideration the 5 elements of the universe, earth, wind, fire, water and metal.


Angel Therapy

There is a belief in the spiritual world that all people are watched over by angels. The angels can also be the spirits of departed loved ones who are now angels. These angels guide them in all aspects of day to day life and make the people make the right decisions.


Chakra Healing

The chakras and their meaning to the human body was first written about in the Veda around 500BC. It is believed that there are seven major chakras in the human body. These chakras facilitate the flow of energy through the body. If one of them gets blocked then it is manifested as physical ailments.


Crystal Healing

It is a belief that crystals have the power to draw out negative energies from within a body and reintroduce the positive life force energy within the body. This is an ancient practice that has found reference in the Egyptian civilisation.


Spiritual Healing

All people believe that there is a power greater than themselves which guides your destiny. This power can manifest itself from the spiritual world in many ways. But the problem arises when the positive energies get effected by the negative energies and the channels need to be healded and reopened.

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