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Tarot card reading course

Tarot card reading course

When the cards tell the destiny - Tarot Card Reading course

If any deck of cards could predict the future, it is the Tarot Cards. To read the seventy-eight cards accurately and to predicts how the events of the future will unfold is both and art and a science. Each card in the deck has a different meaning in a different situation.

Not just the science…

As the question varies, the same card will take on a different interpretation. To know this the person has to master the science. And how to tell the answer is the art. We at Star Power, hold a Tarot Card Reading course which covers all the areas of this art.

… but teaching the art too!

We teach not just how the cards are to be read, but also have to interpret the card using intuition and your own spiritual awareness. This is the hallmark of a good tarot card reader.

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