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Tarot card reading

Tarot card reading

Ancient cards that foretell the future - Tarot card reading

A tarot is a pack of cards used for divination. It is made up of four suits of fourteen cards each and a Fools card. Each card has a special meaning and this meaning is the answer to questions pertaining to a person’s future.

Using the positive energy for tarot readings

For this form of divination, the Tarot reader must channel their energy to activate the persons energy and read their cards. We are tarot experts, specialising in channelling our own energy and that of the person into the cards. This is sure to enable the person to know their future and find answers for their questions.

Cards have the answers

This form of divination comes from ancient Europe and has roots in the amalgamation of the negative and positive energies. This is what we do at Star Power, being the positive energy to negate the negative energies.

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