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Theta healing

Theta healing

Healing through the Brain’s waves - Theta Healing

A relatively unknown for of healing, Theta healing is the process of channelling brain waves to heal the conditions of a human body. There are two participants in this therapy, the client and the practitioner. Both enter a state of altered consciousness through a deep meditative state. The slowed brainwaves or the Theta Brain waves enable the Theta Expert to achieve an intuitive state.

Entering the mind’s spaces…

In this state the Theta practitioner is able to look into the client’s subconscious mind and know the reason for the body’s conditions. The practitioner can then suggest remedies and remove the blocks hampering the body’s healing.

… to promote the body’s healing.

The Theta Experts at Star Power are experts in their field. Year of knowledge accumulation is the result of the successes in this still unknown field. But the proven rates of success’s have made us the leading experts in Theta Healing.

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