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Vaastu consultant

Vaastu consultant

Optimizing your good fortune - Vastu Consultant

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian text which has laid the basis of the optimum placement of a building and its various rooms. This art form takes into consideration the 5 elements of the universe, earth, wind, fire, water and metal.

Vastu experts to guide you

Based on these each room in the house has to be placed in such a way that positive energy flows through and beings good luck. The team of Vastu consultants at Star power have studied these ancient texts and have amassed knowledge which can aid you in your endeavour.

Attract the positive influences

Be it buying a piece of land for any project, building a commercial building or a house, or redoing an existing building to optimise its energies, the Vastu Experts will help you. We will find solutions which will enable you to attract all the good fortune into your abode.

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